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Industrial Flooring Systems 

Discover the Ideal Industrial Floor System in Buffalo, NY

No matter what you do, every operation requires a solid foundation. When you need a reliable industrial floor system in Buffalo, NY, turn to Flex Epoxy Flooring Inc. We offer flooring solutions for many kinds of industrial and commercial clients, as well as homeowners. Furthermore, we pride ourselves on not only using the most dependable materials but also adhering to strict installation standards.

Talk to our team today to learn which flooring style best suits the needs of your operation. We’re pleased to offer a wide range of industrial flooring options, including epoxy and cement.

Troweled Epoxy Mortar 

When you need to resurface a deteriorated floor or protect new flooring, troweled epoxy mortar is a great choice. As a durable, seamless system, it shields your floor from the intense wear-and-tear of heavy industrial applications. Troweled epoxy mortar consists of 100% solid epoxy and a mixture of sand aggregate, with thickness ranging from 3/16 to 1/4 inch.​














Urethane Cement 

Get back to business as usual quickly by choosing urethane cement. Its quick floor installation process and rapid cure time allow for a speedy return to service. The high tolerance for moisture (up to 12 lbs.) and tenacious bonding makes it an ideal choice for fast-track installations on green concrete. Urethane cement is also known for offering the best thermal shock resistance of any industrial floor system. Cementitious urethane systems range from a 1/8 inch self-leveling to a 1/2 inch trowel, and they meet USDA, FDA and OSHA standards.













Epoxy Broadcast System 

One of the most popular industrial flooring options is epoxy broadcast systems. These seamless, solid-color floors consist of 100% solid epoxy and natural quartz aggregates with a urethane topcoat. They are available in an assortment of standard colors, with custom colors also available upon request. The Shop Floor MR variety features an elastomeric membrane for mechanical room applications. Epoxy broadcast system features include:

  • Thickness: 1/16 to ¼ inch Thickness

  • Easy maintenance, high chemical and wear resistance

  • Available in three finish textures: slip-resistant (STD), orange-peel, & smooth

  • Meets ADA, USDA, FDA, and OSHA standards












Epoxy Self Leveling System

Epoxy SL flooring is a seamless, solid-color, self-leveling system consisting of 100% solid epoxy and a special blend of natural quartz aggregates and fillers.  It protects new concrete floors from industrial abuse and also restores damaged concrete to better-than-new condition.  It is virtually unaffected by oil, grease, gasoline, strong detergents, salts, and more. Other features include:


  • 35 to 100 Millimeter Thickness

  • Durable, Easy to Clean, Impact Resistant

  • High Gloss, Tile-Like Finish

  • Meets ADA, USDA, FDA, and OSHA standards​

Contact us to discuss flooring options for your business. We’re located in Buffalo, New York, and serve clients throughout the surrounding area.

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