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Residential & Garage Flooring 

Resinous epoxy flooring is a great way to protect and upgrade your investments, create additional living spaces, give a finished look to any room and allow for a seamless, stain resistant easy to maintain flooring solution. 

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Flex's Residential Flooring System 



Flex's Residential System Build (Hybri-Flex AC)

Topcoat  – Dur-a-Flex's Accellera is a 100% solids fast curing Polaspartic topcoat. Accellera is very UV resistant and offers extremly good chemical and stain resistance.  


Chip Broadcast – Broadcast of Macro or Micro Decorative Vinyl Chip into the Poly-Crete SL to rejection. Allows for 100% coverage of vinyl chips.

Base Coat – Dur-a-Flex's Pigmented Poly-Crete SL mortar is applied. Our Poly-Crete Sl is a self leveling aromatic urethane mortar that fills most substrate and patch imperfections. Poly-Crete is considered a moisture mitigation base coat that is not affected by high moisture or soluble salts with in a concrete substrate. (High Relative humidity and soluble salts are very common in residential garage substrates that will lead to failure in any flooring system unless a product like Poly-Crete is used.) 

Prepared Substrate – Concrete surface is prepared either by diamond grind or shotblasting the concrete to achieve a CSP(Concrete surface profile) Of 1-3. Once the concrete is mechanically prepared and vacuumed we will patch and repair the substrate with a thickened moisture and salt tolerant repair material.  

Residential Resinous Flooring Applications  

  • Garages Basements
  • Man Caves & Shops
  • Sunrooms Patios 
  •  Pools & More. 
Flex Color Choices
          Chip Macro Flake
          Chip Micro Flake 
          Chip Earthstone Flake  


Flex Epoxy Flooring Inc. doesn't offer you a warranty that is longer than we have been in business or a warranty that is extremely limited like some of the competitors.  


Our flooring systems are specified and installed in some of the most harsh environments. Flex epoxy Flooring Inc. has been in business since 2009 and has Over 600 completed successful commercial flooring applications using the very same flooring systems that are installed on residential projects. 

Flex Epoxy Flooring Inc. Offers a 1 year warranty from the date of completion for material or installation defects. We do not warranty any structure movement/existing or new substrate cracks from reflecting through. 

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