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Cementitious Urethane Flooring  

 Urethane cement flooring is highly resistant to chemicals and formulated to install quickly and consistently with an excellent wear surface and color stability.


Urethane: The Workhorse of Resinous Flooring

Cementitious urethane is the most robust product family for resinous flooring systems. Composed of cement, water, aggregate, and different additives, it is designed for excellent adhesion and wear resistance.

Cementitious urethane floors are the go-to option for food and beverage manufacturing facilities, Commercial kitchens. Recommended for use were wet processing, chemical contamination and high temperatures are performed. 


Cementitous Urethane Cements has 

  • Excellent impact resistance. 

  • Excellent chemical and food bacteria resistance.

  • Withstands high moisture vapor transmission.

  • Thermal shock resistance

  • Excellent bond strength to substrate.

  • Food and Beverage Manufacturing 

  • Food Processing 

  • Breweries

  • Commercial Kitchens 

  • Automotive Repair Shops 

  • High Traffic Areas

  • Urethane Flooring Option 

  • 1/8" Self Level Slurry 

  • 1/4" Self Level Slurry 

  • 1/4" Heavy Duty Troweled Mortar 

  • Several Topcoat and Texture options 

  • Urethane Cove Base and Floor Sloping 

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