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Flex Epoxy Flooring Inc. has been servicing commercial, industrial and residential flooring customers in Buffalo, NY since 2009. We install high quality, seamless, sanitary and durable epoxy/urethane performance flooring systems. Flex Epoxy Flooring Inc. serves the entire Northeastern United States as a trusted commercial and industrial flooring contractor. We are proud to provide you with the flooring solution you deserve. We specialize in seamless floor installation, decorative epoxy coating systems, high-quality hand troweled cove base and flake systems. These high-quality flooring options offer style and functionality that simply can’t be beaten. Flex Epoxy Flooring Inc. "A Name You Can Stand On"

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 "We went to Epoxy floors about a year ago in my grocery store and have been amazed on how durable and easy it is to maintain these floors. I have owned grocery stores for the past 25 years and our biggest battle has been floor care. When you live in the Northeast it becomes very difficult and very costly to keep your floors clean for our customers. Since we went to the Epoxy floors we open up every morning like it’s a brand new floor and the days of stripping out wax and re-coating 5-7 coats are gone. We figure on saving approximately $20,000 per year on maintenance costs and we are delivering a clean, brighter floor every morning to our customers" 

Grocery Store Franchisee

“I could not be happier with the finished product placed in our second dental office.  I wish I would of found Mike sooner when building our first location!  The appearance, durability, and the ease in maintenance are all necessary for a health care setting.  I would highly recommend Mike and his team at Flex Epoxy Flooring to anyone who is searching for the best flooring option for their business or home.”

Pediatric Dentistry Office 

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